You can’t change the past but you can learn to live without it affecting daily life.

Counselling to help you live free from fear and full of hope

Woman in bed feeling challenged

Feeling challenged by something in your life?

  • can't let go of the past

  • unable to look forward to the future

  • feeling anxious

  • not sleeping well

  • need to speak with someone outside your immediate social circle

Counselling offers a safe space to talk and heal

Compassionate support

Compassionate support

A safe, supportive environment to share your problem

Feel lighter & at peac

Feel lighter and at peace

Techniques to help let go, release tension and feel calm

Live full of hope

Live full of hope

Look forward with hope and joy

I understand how heavy it feels to carry a problem alone, when you feel you can’t turn to family or friends for support.

As an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker I offer a safe space and compassionate environment for adults who’ve struggled with domestic violence, sexual assault, life & health changes, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship problems and many other mental health concerns.

I've supported and guided people through difficult times for over three decades. I work with them to understand what’s causing their distress and together we develop healthy coping mechanisms. I listen without judgment, draw from past experience and provide a range of techniques to help them live free from fear, and full of hope for their future.

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Dr Anne Butcher

Counsellor and Accredited Mental Health

Social Worker

Approved Medicare Provider

Is Counselling Right For Me?

Dr Anne Butcher

With over 30 years of experience as a social worker and counsellor I’m often asked similar questions as people assess whether working with a Counsellor is the best way of dealing with a particular challenge they're facing.

In this short video I answer questions like: how a counselling session runs, who I assist, the range of challenges I can help with, and how to get in touch or book an appointment with me.

The same information is shared below as frequently asked questions.


Why choose counselling?

People often choose counselling to navigate a challenge they’re facing. Counselling offers a confidential space where you can freely discuss the complexities of life, with someone outside your immediate social circle.

I offer vast experience, compassion and effective counselling skills to support all your emotional needs.

What usually happens in a counselling session?

A counselling session runs for approximately 60 minutes and we begin with a discussion to establish what your concerns, goals and objectives of undertaking counselling are. Then therapeutically and safely, we work together toward achieving them.

The hardest part is often making, and turning up to that first appointment. 

People often tell me they were a bit concerned about coming to their first session, but after we’ve finished, they're usually very keen to make a return booking.

What types of people do you counsel?

I work with a variety of people including:

• adults 18 years and over

• men and women

• those who are gender diverse, non-binary and part of the LGBTQIA+ community

• those with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds

• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people

• people with disabilities

• older people

What problems can you help with?

I'm an accredited mental health social worker and have over 30 years of experience working with people from all diverse walks of life. I draw on experience and use a wide range of different techniques to help you navigate your challenges.

A lot of the problems I help with have an underlying cause of trauma. This could be a significant trauma, a traumatic event or multiple traumatic events that have happened in your life.

Some of the types of issues I can help you with (but there are many more):

• relationships

• depression

• anxiety

• suicidal ideation

• grief and loss

I also do a lot of work with people around change. When there's a significant change in your life it can cause a crisis.

Change can be created by:

• relationships ending

• loss of loved ones

• losing a job

• marriage break ups

• death of someone close to you

There are many other things that can happen in life that cause change, and I'm happy to support you through any of them.

How much does counselling cost?

A standard counselling session is $160 per hour, and if you are an eligible Concession holder the rate is $120 per hour. However the amount you pay out of pocket can vary depending on individual circumstances.

As an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with a Medicare Provider number eligible people will be able to claim a Medicare rebate and reduce out of pocket costs.

You might also be eligible to see me as part of a Mental Health Treatment Plan (speak with your GP) or you may be able to submit a claim with your private health insurance provider (speak with your provider).


I charge a $50 booking deposit to secure your appointment. If you are booking a Concession appointment, you will be required to provide the healthcare card number when you pay your booking deposit.

Note 1:

The remaining balance owing for your session will be calculated and processed at the conclusion of your appointment.

Do I need a referral?

No. You can book a Counselling appointment without a referral from a GP.

However, if you want to claim a rebate from Medicare, or see me as part of a Mental Health Treatment Plan (which will reduce your costs), I must receive a copy of your Mental Health Treatment Plan before you attend your appointment.

If I do not receive this documentation from your GP before your appointment, you may not be able to claim a rebate from Medicare.

Is counselling in person or online?

I offer appointments over the phone, via Telehealth, via Zoom or we can meet in person at my practice, if you live close to Mackay, Queensland.

How do I book, or get in touch with you?

Feel free to reach out via email: if you have any questions, or you can book an appointment now by clicking the button below.

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