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Anne is a respected and professional motivational and inspirational public speaker who is often asked to speak about her life and her career achievements to inspire and motivate others to achieve their life's goals and aspirations.

Anne's memoir, I Ruined My Life...Or So They Said, is the true story of an ordinary girl who grew up in the heady, hippie, cultural revolution of the 1970s to become an extraordinary woman, despite the odds being against her.


Anne has 30+ years' experience as a social worker, helping people achieve their life dreams and goals, and has held leadership roles in both government and not-for-profit organisations. Anne is available for consultancy work relating to leadership and personal development.

"I hope my story will help you find your inner resilience so you too can achieve your life's goals, and even goals you haven't yet imagined"


Testimonials and praise for Anne's book

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DR AMANDA NICKSON James Cook University

"Anne is a woman whose determination to reach her goals, despite some perceived obstacles in life, is inspiring! Anne's experiences and honesty provide refreshing examples of how with a little help, hard work and the power of determination you are able to build the life you want."

PROF. ROS THORPE James Cook University

"Told at 15 she had ruined her life, Anne Butcher reveals how the resilience she developed from living with a disability in her childhood, together with her mother's unconditional love, gave her the determination to prove such woeful prophecies wrong."


"So many people, particularly young people, are seeking examples to dispel the seeds of doubt that naysayers can instil when obstacles arise. Anne is a shining light in this respect as she candidly shares her experiences as a young person and her subsequent journey in a relatable way that engenders hope and inspiration."


"I Ruined My Life...Or So They Said" is a must read for all women. It has given me the strength, motivation and the 'can-do attitude' to be the very best version of myself and to reach for the stars. Now, when I find myself allowing the imposter to resurface or when others are trying to bring me down I reach for Anne's book. If it wasn't for Anne's guidance, belief and words I wouldn't be the strong, independent Aboriginal women I am today. Anne's book is life-changing."

Through significant early childhood adversity and a traumatic adolescence, Anne demonstrates to all, and to herself, that it is possible to achieve personal goals, dreams and aspirations if we do not accept negative parental messaging, social stigma, innuendo, or destructive gossip which others cast upon us.


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