I RUINED MY LIFE… OR SO THEY SAID: It’s Not What Others Think You Are



This inspiring memoir is the true story of an ordinary girl from North Queensland who through grit, guts and determination, has grown to become the extraordinary woman she is today.

As a child, Anne experienced significant adversity – and her adolescence, lived through the heady days that was the cultural revolution of the 70s, was at times, traumatic. Life threw plenty of challenges and obstacles her way, which meant she was forced to grow up fast.

While many would have felt the odds were firmly stacked against them, Anne dug deep and made a pact to never give in.
When she became a proud mum and wife at a young age, at first it seemed she had made it. She had achieved her dream of having a family, and life was good. She savoured the special moments, and was kept busy juggling the many demands of home life that all mothers know well. But, after a few years, something started to shift within. She started to wonder … is this it? She adored her family and had a happy life but something was telling her there must be more.

She began working on renewed personal goals, that would challenge her to break out of her comfort zone. Despite the negative messaging she received from some around her, she made a committed to herself to see it through and not give up. Along the way, she found people who shared their time, knowledge, skills and patience, to help her along the path and point her in the right direction.

Part memoirs and part self-help guide, Anne’s story is a celebration of the potential we all have within to reach great heights. This book also highlights the difference we can make in the lives of each other, if we are open to it. As Anne explains, sometimes a brief encounter or conversation with the right person at the right time, can be a turning point that sets us on a new path that leads to happiness and fulfilment. Throughout her journey, Anne has been supported by special people and through her work as a doctor and social worker, and now with this book, she hopes to pay it forward by inspiring others to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations too.

Anne felt the pain of social stigma deeply as a child and was a victim of destructive gossip and innuendo later in life. But she didn’t let what others said or thought about her define her. Instead she transformed that adversity into a resilience and inner strength that has allowed her to excel in her life. Through the difficult times, she persevered, and eventually flourished, proving to others – and most importantly, to herself – the limitless potential we have within.

You are not what others say you are – so be brave, and dream big. Because when you are willing to take a leap of faith, accept support from mentors, and of course, put in the work, you can live your best life and be whatever you hope to be.


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