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Dr Anne Butcher is a respected and professional motivational and inspirational public speaker who is often asked to speak about her life and her career achievements to inspire and motivate others to achieve their life’s goals and aspirations.

She is a very warm, engaging, humorous and personable speaker—her speaking events leave her audience inspired to take action to achieve in their own life.

Anne is a professional social worker with more than 30 years of experience working in the social welfare fields of Community Development, Youth Development, Youth Justice, Child Protection, Disability Services, Women’s Services – including domestic violence and sexual assault counselling services, and women’s health and wellbeing programs.

She has also held positions as a social researcher and university lecturer, and is the author of academic journal articles, book chapters and books. She is regularly asked to speak at conferences or significant community events such as International Women’s Day, Domestic Violence Prevention Month Events and at a range of other women’s groups, service clubs, school, public events and many other community groups.

During her career Anne has worked as a CEO, a Regional Director, Manager and Leader, in both Government departments and in not-for-profit organizations.

She also has held positions as President, Director and Board member of National, State and regional boards in Queensland and Australia, such as Families Australia, Australian Women Against Violence Association, Australian Association of Social Workers, and Ending Violence Against Women Queensland.

Anne is passionate about seeing people, particularly girls and women, succeed in their lives and reach their fullest potential—whatever that may be for them—and has often appeared in the print media and on radio.

"You can set your own life's course, set your own goals and be the person you want to be"


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