This memoir is the true story of an ordinary Queensland girl who grew up quickly in the heady, hippie, cultural revolution times of the 1970s to become an extraordinary woman who, despite the odds being against her, has excelled in her own life.

Hers is a story of grit, guts and determination to never give up or give in until she reached her potential and achieved her goals. Through significant early childhood adversity and a traumatic adolescence, she demonstrates to all, and to herself, that it is possible to achieve personal goals, dreams and aspirations if we do not accept negative parental messaging, social stigma, innuendo, or destructive gossip which others cast upon us.

And importantly, if we can find those people in life who willingly share of themselves—their time, their knowledge, their skills and their patience—they will support and guide us in the right direction, and with their guidance and a leap of faith on our part, we can achieve more than we could ever have imagined.


Dr Anne Butcher is a wife, mother and grandmother. A professional social worker with over 30 years of experience working in the social welfare fields of Community Development, Youth Development, Youth Justice, Child Protection and Disability Services. She has also gained extensive working experience when managing domestic violence and sexual assault counselling services, and women's health and wellbeing programs.

An in demand, engaging and personable speaker, Anne is regularly asked to speak at conferences or significant community events such as International Women's Day, or to a range of other women's groups, service clubs, and other community groups.

Anne is passionate about seeing people - particularly girls and women -- be their best so they can succeed in all areas of their lives and reach their fullest potential, whatever that may be for them.

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